Pollo Frito En Miel Mojo (1 serving)

  • Chicken breast 6-8 oz.
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup of Japanese bread crumbs (Panko)
  • 4 oz Soul de Cuba Mojo
  • 4 oz Soul de Cuba Honey Mojo
  • ¼ Spanish onion sliced into rings
  • ¼ cup white wine
  • 1/8 teaspoon sea salt



Tenderize chicken breast filet. Marinate in Soul de Cuba Mojo for 30 minutes or more. Crack egg and whisk in a small bowl. Coat the chicken breast with egg and place the panko flakes on a plate and press the chicken breast into the crumbs until it is evenly coated. Add white wine, Soul de Cuba Mojo and sea salt into a frying pan and heat on high. Add onions and cover.

Reduce heat to medium. Let simmer until the onions are soft. Fry the breaded chicken breast in a pan or deep fryer at 350 degrees until the chicken is golden brown. Remove chicken breast and toss in Soul de Cuba Honey Mojo. Add onions on top of chicken breast.



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Nothing beats a fried chicken for an easy smooth night at home. This Cuban chicken recipe has a great source of immune booster ingredients concentrated in our mojo and honey mojo mix. The mojo, used as a marinade, will give your crispy chicken all the intense flavors and extra moist. The honey mojo will give the caribbean pollo frito con miel y mojo a great balance, if used as a sauce or dip. 

If you feel like complementing the chicken with more Caribbean flavors, try adding sweet plantains. It cannot get more cuban than that. 

At the Soul de Cuba restaurant in New Haven, we serve the pollo frito with moro rice and sweet plantains. We highly suggest you take a few minutes to make the congri rice and complement the chicken recipe for a full experience.

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