Vision Statement

As the founder and CEO, Jesus Puerto’s vision is the creation of 1,000,000 meaningful jobs across the globe providing Living Wages for all employees, an entrepreneurial nest egg program and a corporate value system rooted in conscious and equitable business practices aligned through smart collaborations in the building of humanity’s path towards a more peaceful and loving world.

Jesus’ vision of the business also answers a call of dedication to service and human enhancement. His strong will has enlightened his journey, marked by the words of Jose Martí, one of Cuba’s Statesman, Poet, Visionary and Revolutionary.
Like stones rolling down a hill, fair ideas reach their objective despite all obstacles and barriers. It may be possible to speed or hinder them, but impossible to stop them”.

Doing Business the Good Way

We do business the best way we can, with a responsible and fair approach, taking into thoughtful consideration the places and people we connect and grow with, especially in our New Haven and Hawaii communities.

But if you want to help Soul de Cuba restaurant or online market be a better enterprise, please reach out! We are always looking to improve our business and ourselves.

We Care 

We care about our products' impacts. That's why most of the goods that you can buy at Soul de Cuba online market are immune boosters, gluten-free, and BPA free. As LGBT & BIPOC owned business, we are also a proud MBE certified (minority business enterprise).

Enjoy Soul de Cuba's experience your way 

Stop by our restaurant or order online one of our Cuban-style products to continue enjoying and learning from that Caribbean culture.